Favre Injury End of the Road?

Could this be the end of Brett Favre’s career? If the reports from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and all the other media outlets are accurate, he may be able to play soon. While I’m not privy to his medical information, if one really thinks about the reports, I find the information inaccurate.

First of all, stress fractures don’t just occur with an injury. There is a gradual onset of symptoms. In a nutshell, bone breaks down faster than the body can remodel it, thus leading to a stress fracture. This happens over a period of weeks, not one injury. I guess this could of been an incidental finding on the MRI, but if there was truly a stress fracture, he would have had symptoms prior to Sunday night.

Secondly, with ankle sprains, usually the avulsion off the heel bone is the anterior process. If the fragment was large enough, it would need surgically repaired. Nonsurgical treatment for smaller fragments consists of immobilization in a boot for 2-4 weeks if not longer. The only way he could play is if he “shoots it up” with a local anaesthetic which would knock out the pain, but the same routine would be needed weekly.

I would hate to see Brett Favre’s career end because of injury. If the fractures are severe enough, don’t be surprised if we don’t see him again. I hope I’m wrong.

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