Jennifer Grey Has Foot Surgery!!

Do women’s dress shoes cause foot ailments? Evidently they do as ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Jennifer Grey recently underwent foot surgery to remto remove a neuroma. What is a neuroma and why does it happen?

A neuroma is an inflamed nerve in the ball of the foot that can become very painful. Patients describe a feeling that there sock is wafers up or they are walking on a marble. Numbness, tingling, or shooting pains into the toes may occur as well.

Shoes, shoes, and shoes are the most common cause of neuromas. Most women’s shoes come to a point or taper, and this increases the side-to-side compression of the bones in the foot thus irritating the nerve.

At this point, wider shoes, pads, steroids injections,orthotics and lastly surgery are your treatment options. A majority of the time, conservative care will resolve these.

If you think youre having symptoms similiar to these, I can certainly help. Don’t wait to long and end to like Jennifer Grey.

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