More Minimalist Shoe Training

So I have completed runs #3 and #4 with minimalist shoes, and I have to admit….it’s gotten easier in some regards.  The breathing, or lack of, has improved.  The back pain is non-existent, which in itself is a minor miracle.  It’s amazing to me that my back has held up through 4 runs.  I don’t know what being pain free in my back is.  I guess I’m use to it.  The most severe pain I’m experiencing is in my shins, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better, but not much worse either.  It’s still waaaaaaay worse with running shoes.  I keep thinking my bike is soooo much easier, but I will persevere through this.  My adopted running coach, Rob Miller, 5280 Runner on Twitter, has suggested focusing on form.  In the day, I could do 3 miles at a 7-7:30 minute miles, and right now if I could get to 8-8:30 I would be ecstatic for an old guy.  The most important thing to me is I’m making time to exercise once again and doing something else besides my road bike, and actually looking forward to my next run.

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