It is getting very close to Halloween, which means one thing….tons of candy on sale at all grocery stores everywhere. Handing out candy to trick-or-treaters is always a lot of fun since you get to make children (and some adults) so happy by simply handing out FREE candy. However, buying the candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters can be a hard decision, since there are literally 100’s of different candies that you can buy to hand out for this Halloween. So what is the best kind?

The answer is to avoid buying candy! The nutrition that candy provides is next to none, and consumption of sugar will lead to tooth decay, weight gain, and contribute to the development of various diseases, such as diabetes. The average American will consume 25 pounds of candy each year, which is way too much; but cutting down the Halloween candy will decrease this intake. There are plenty of delicious, but healthy treats that can replace the sugar saturated candies that are always so popular; however, there has been a new trend where some houses along a trick-or-treaters’ path are handing out some of these healthier alternatives. Here is a listing of just as tasty, but healthier snacks that trick-or-treaters will love this Halloween!

  1. Oven roasted pumpkin seeds (use the seeds from the pumpkin you just carved)
  2. Popcorn balls
  3. Individual packages of microwave popcorn
  4. Trail mix (cereals, nuts, sunflower seeds, variety of dried fruits)
  5. Granola bars (every kid will love these for a snack in between classes at school)
  6. Pretzels (some companies even make individual bags of pumpkin, bat, and other traditional Halloween shape pretzels)
  7. Individual packages of crackers (example: Goldfish)
  8. Shelled peanuts
  9. Clementines or oranges
  10. Individual packages of cracker sandwiches (for example: Ritz crackers with cheese)
  11. Snack Pack pudding cups
  12. Mini boxes of raisins
  13. Apples
  14. Juice boxes
  15. Individual packages of animal crackers
  16. Single serving instant hot cocoa mix
  17. Individually wrapped string cheese
  18. Fruit snacks
  19. Use the money you would have spent on candy and exchange it at the bank for pennies. The average household will spend about $25 on Halloween candy, which would be 2,500 pennies! This is especially fun for young children if you let them take as much as they can grab, but in reality they will only be getting 15 cents, but they will feel rich! This won’t work on the older kids/adults 🙂
  20. If candy is an absolute must, try sugar free candy!


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