Thou Shalt Not Wear Stilettos-Part II

In the previous blog, we discussed and provided some of the most common reasons for why stilettos shoes are the worst type of shoe gear for women. Also, mentioned previously, 87% of women will suffer from foot pain and/or injury due to shoe gear alone! However, despite the warnings about these types of shoes, women will not stop wearing them. In fact, recently, these shoes are becoming more popular and more women will do anything in order to wear these shoes and look better while wearing them.
For example, women are going as far as asking for amputation of their 5th pinky toe in order to better fit into these shoes. It is never a good idea to amputate a toe just to make your foot look more cosmetically appealing and comfortable in shoes that are bad for the health of your feet. With amputations, come alterations in the biomechanics, which is the how the foot functions. The muscles and ligaments that allow the foot to move properly attach to the bones, so if certain muscles and bones are removed the foot may function abnormally and may lead to increased deformity and/or pain. The only reasoning why a patient should be having an amputation is for bone that is infected or very severe deformities that cannot be corrected and are leading to excruciating pain. Never to have a better-looking foot.
Women are also requesting collagen injections into the ball of the foot to provide more padding when wearing stilettos. While collagen injections are less benign than amputations, there are still risks such as chance of infections, allergic reactions, and even more pain.
Women may use the fact that they are unable to wear their shoe gear due to a painful bunions and hammertoes in order to have the deformity fixed. These deformities are very commonly repaired at the Platte Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic and there are many patients who are having and have had these procedures done with great results. Fixing these deformities are far less detrimental and are even beneficial surgical procedures to relieve pain. However, keep in mind that the bunion and hammertoes may have been caused by the choice in shoe gear, such as stilettos.
So not only are women attempting to alter their feet surgically to better fit into stilettos, but recently new exercise workout programs are requiring women to wear their stilettos to the class. This is a terrible idea and is recipe for disaster. Going back to the previous blog we had mentioned that stilettos lack proper support, padding, room for the toes to move, and abnormal posture. When exercising, a tennis shoe is best since it provides everything that a stiletto does not and will not cause abnormal posture. If you are taking part in these stiletto exercise workout programs be aware that you are at a high risk for the following problems:
• Ankle sprains and fractures-due to the poor support provided to the foot and ankle
• Metatarsalgia-localized pain at the ball of the foot due to increased pressure at the ball of the foot, with possible fat pad atrophy present
• Achilles tendonitis-with the high heels, there is a shortening that occurs in the Achilles tendon. This shortening will cause pain in the back of the leg.
• Painful feet-due to the toes not having enough room to move properly, in addition to the fact the foot is held in a torqued and unnatural position.
• Painful back and joints-due the body compensating for the abnormal position that the stilettos causes for the entire body
Please remember that stilettos should not be worn on a daily basis and they should never be worn during exercise. If they are, be aware that you may experience some of the problems discussed in these two blogs.

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